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Our expertise



Internal creation

Brief or customer design


Sketch then report the drawing on software


Sample to test the weaveability and construction of the fabric


Finishing test and possible laboratory test for validation



Launching of the production






Quality control



Industrial tool

Nestled in the birthplace of the Dutel family, at 60 kilometers from Lyon, our factory has lived to the rhythm of its looms for 85 years. The links that Panissières maintains with weaving are historic and have made it possible to develop a recognized and acclaimed local know-how.

We have chosen to integrate all stages of production from the jacquard fabric to the finish for several reasons:

- this allows us to perpetuate the transmission of know-how

- we guarantee control of quality and deadlines throughout production

- our autonomy gives us the ability to respond to specific developments

- we ensure full traceability and follow-up of our customers' requests

Thus, our adaptability and autonomy are also our strength.

Our industrial tool in the Loire

The brothers Jean and Marcel Dutel began their activity in 1937 by installing 2 Jacquard looms in a 150m2 room. Thirty years later, the company Dutel Frères sets up a design division and a sales department in premises of 1800m2 in the heart of Panissières. In 1970, Jacques and André joined their respective fathers in the company. Production is expanding in a workshop which offers an additional 1600m2 and which accommodates 24 new looms. The management, sales and shipping departments moved to Lyon. The company then opens up to new markets and new technologies. In 1985, the production site was enlarged by 7000m2 and connected CAD and Jacquard machines via fiber optics. The weaving factory then becomes the most modern in the world. In 1997, Jean Christophe, third generation and son of Jacques, joined the family business. In 2013, the entire machine park, i.e. 88 looms, was renewed, and major works made it possible to optimize the economic and ecological yields of production.

Company history

Living heritage company

The "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (EPV) label is a mark of recognition from the State that distinguishes French companies with excellent craftsmanship and industrial know-how.

©dutel sas - tisseur jacquard.jpg


This is the step prior to weaving, which consists of assembling the warp threads in parallel by staves, in the order they will occupy in the fabric.

©dutel-tissus Jacquard made in France

Quality Control

All of our production goes through quality control. The control is first visual, to eliminate any stains. It is also technical and ensures a regular height of reports and widths.


Jacquard weaving

Jacquard weaving allows the manufacture of shaped fabrics with designs or relief effects by crossing the threads. Our specialty for 85 years.


Testing laboratory

Our laboratory allows us to test on our fabrics:

- resistance to seams

- resistance to rubbing (peeling)

- resistance to pulled fibers (snagging)

- the persistence of colors (bleaching)

- stability to washing and steam

©dutel-tissus jacquard laboratoire tests.jpg


Ennobling brings together the decorative finishing stages as well as the techniques that bring added value to the fabric by modifying its feel, appearance or properties. We combine different machines:

Finishing train

It offers several possible treatments. The fabric is impregnated then goes through ovens to be stabilized (thermofixation).

©dutel-tissus Jacquard made in France


The tumbler allows mechanical and thermal treatment of fabrics which are moistened, dried and then softened.

©dutel-tissus Jacquard made in France

Wrinkling & Crash

The fabric passes through a tube where it is compressed and subjected to temperatures that will create a crash or crinkle pattern.

©dutel-tissus Jacquard made in France


The weaving is done with additional weft threads that float between the patterns. These threads are cut, the excess is recycled and small fringes stand out on the face of the fabric.

dutel - lancé découpé

Textile printing

We use the transfer printing process on our jacquard fabrics.

Autoclave decatization

This process treats the wool by stabilizing it and giving it a specific quality, a touch, a shine or even a fluidity.

©dutel-tissus Jacquard made in France
©dutel - tissage et ennoblissement

Our textile creation


Three stylists work on designing new fabrics each season. They research and develop new materials, designs and colors for collections but also for personalized and exclusive projects in close collaboration with customers.

Textile design and layout

Our design studio has ten people who create the designs for the different collections but also for customer exclusives. These drawings are technically transposed onto digital files in order to be woven on the looms.


Some of the fabrics from our factory arrive for sampling to be processed. Each year the collections take the form of 120,000 robracks which are sent to our customers and our 50 agents around the world.

Textile creation
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